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It’s a pleasure to see BBW Marilyn Mayson with her 38K boobs again. It’s a new 2019 video you will love. Yes it happened sometimes that we put here some old stuff, but this big busty tattoed brunette is just so cute to watch!

There was a long time BBW Marilyn Mayson did not shoot a movie and her new 38K boobs will certainly please you. In fact, she loves to have sex in front of a camera and our big juicy girl was really excited to show us how her tits had grown since she has a few pounds in more.

You will see very soon that she did not lose her porn talent at all even if she stopped for a good time. In fact, she’s hornier than ever!!! Her curves are sexier and you can feel she took more experience and that she’s more mature. It’s a real treat to watch her being penetrated so deeply. I’m also very sure you will appreciate to see how she gets the big cum load on her bigger tits. Just so yummy to watch, enjoy !!!

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bbw marilyn mayson giant tits bigger 2019 video


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It is very difficult to find a bra whot fit big Amy Villainous BBW natural giant boobs. For sure, not all store can accomodate her special needs.

It’s a fact that Amy Villainous BBW boobs are certainly among the biggest we can find in BBW porn industry. But sometimes, those big awesome and addictive natural juggs must be hold and protected. Ok, i would prefer to see her naked when walking down the street or shopping. But our society is just so stuck with all those social constraints and dressing codes… My god!

It’s really hard for her to find the perfect bra that will fit on her perfect big sexy body. For sure, it is the occasion today for her to show us how she can be gorgeous while trying those bras. And it’s also the perfect way to expose her big tits and turn us on much and much higher. In fact, i was in a urgent need of masturbating when i saw that video.

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BBW busty Amy Villainous giant natural tits


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This fat young Annabelle Rogers BBW is just so busty. You will want to learn very soon what she can do exactly with fruits. Especially bananas.

There’s certainly nothing better than this nice young and juicy Annabelle Rogers BBW busty sexy girl! She will show us today how it can be so exciting to masturbate and give herself awesome orgasms while using unusual things. For sure, such a big girl like is a big dildo user: she loves when it feels so big inside her marvellous big juicy pussy.

This nice creature with one of the sexiest smiles i’ve ever seen will be satisfying herself today with a banana. You will see that she loves to rub that fruit on her body. It’s also a real treat to watch her put that big yellow thing between her big natural boobs. It makes me just want to fuck her as soon as possible because she’s really cute.

Will she put the banana right inside her big hole? Watch the movie and you will learn it very soon.

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BBW Sasha Syren XXX cumshot

A real treat to see such BBW Sasha Syren XXX porn movie. This nice milf is really sex addictive and you will want very soon to discover more about this extra fat beauty.

As soon as you see BBW Sasha Syren XXX for the first time, you will try to find a way to be able to fuck her. Just by watching her big nasty face, i’m pretty sure you will begin to feel the pressure inside your pants. She has a very cute face.

That big fattie appreciates to take care of a big cock. It’s such a pleasure for her to have this big meat in her hand, in her mouth, play with it and also feel the good cumshot on her face and on her big mouth. But there’s something can be such a turn on for her. She loves so much to feel the balls knocking on her big wet pussy while getting penetrated. It’s for her the ultimate sign that the penetration is at its most deep level and she can receive all the big cock. It’s something that can give her real awesome orgasms.

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BBW Ivanna Lace boobs are just enormous. We already saw her in a scene where she was showing them at the cam. Yes i noticed they were really big and juicy, but in this clip… My god, she’s just so body for such a little body.

BBW Ivanna Lace boobs are certainly a good reason for her to be proud. In fact, she’s almost in love with her own tits. She loves to be busty like this. Guys love that and they are really sensitive. In fact, they are enough to help her pretty good orgasms. As she loves to play with guys, they are well served and happy to have her in their environment.

In her first clip, she seemed to be so shy. But today, i guess she became a tigress because she’s really exciting. I think i’ve never seen such a masturbation BBW scene like this. It’s a real treat to watch her stimulate her clit, put her fingers inside and yell like this. For such a young teen 18+ girl, it’s really hot to watch. Take some time to discover Ivanna Lace, it’s worth the time.

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BBW debutante Sofia Deluxe

I’m sure you will remember this nice fat BBW debutante named Sofia Deluxe. When you see her in this real sexy position, you can already say that she will be a real chubby porn queen. Let’s talk about her a bit.

BBW Sofia Deluxe debutante chick is busty. This is something you noticed immediatly. She has also sexy and perfect eyes, but try to tell me you looked at the eyes first. Unless you tell me eyes are the new synonym on “big fat perfect juicy teen boobs”.

This girl may be young, but let me tell you she’s very experimented. She’s a camgirl that made a lot of hours in front of masturbating guys and gals for a long time. She’s from Colombia (South America) and even if she doesn’t have a latina look, you understand immediatly she’s very hot and “latin” in her style.

Her guilty pleasure: masturbate her big pussy while looking at pornography. Yes, she’s like a guy on this side.

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bbw sofia deluxe giant tits


Sylvia Bateman teen XXX

Sylvia Bateman teen XXX could be exactly the kind of girl l’id love to sleep with. Please read a bit, i will take some time to tell you why.

First, Sylvia Bateman teen XXX may be only 19 years old now, but she appreciates to sleep with older guys. As i am myself an older guy, i could be a good candidate that she would maybe want to try. She’s also a bit submissive in bed, so i could make her try so nasty things i’ve never been able to do. No seriously, such a young cutie like this would never sleep with such an old and grumpy guy like me… 🙁 . But dreams and fantasies are always possible…

She has also a special hobby: tits paintings. Yes, she can paint to her own tits some draws and a lot of things i let you image about.

But today, after performing a real nice BBW threesome and having tried a BBW fucking machine nailing, she’s wearing a real nice black outfit. The young 18 fat teen is ready to masturbate for us. Take some time to watch this.

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She’s blonde, she’s really hot, here once again BBW Annabelle Rogers XXX new pornstar. I can tell you she’s beginning to be very popular.

At the moment you see BBW Annabelle Rogers XXX blonde model, you know this is serious. She has a great sex appeal, is really cute, and you know that she will find a way to make you hard. As you know she’s got awesome boobs while masturbating and she also knows you to use a dildo in her fat pussy. So, prepare to be really excited.

Did you know that this wonderful young lady loved her boobs ? Yes, she finds them perfect, addictive, seductive and are also a good way to stimulate herself while she’s masturbating. The only thing is that they can be just a bit too big to fit in standard sized bras. So, she needs to shop those clothes in specialized venues to fit those marvellous natural tits we love so much.

It’s a pleasure to watch her squeeze and bite her tits until it hurts a bit. You can feel her own boobs are a big turn on for her. You will also be really stunned to watch her masturbate with those two big dildos.

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Danica Danali mature BBW boobs are still awesome, despite her age and life going on so fast!

Danica Danali mature BBW juggs have the power to make anyone, guys or girls, sexually excited. Who could seriously be able to resist to those awesome natural mature tits that keep firm? Her boobs seem to be really hard but so soft to touch. I’m impressed also by her pink nipples. Such pink things are really making me hard and i won’t be able to resist a long time before i begin to touch my dick.

She then removes her blue outfit to let go those magnificent things. It’s really exciting to watch this, i must rub myself a big faster to appreciate this marvellous fat brunette women in front of me. Wow.

She then take a pink dildo that she will very soon insert in her pussy. And this is at this moment that i’ve just been unable to retain my cum inside. She puts that dildo in her mouth in a so sexy and sensual way that i came really hard.

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BBW 9 months pregnant girls

BBW 9 montths pregnant Erin Star and Sophie are ALMOST ready to give birth!

Those nice BBW 9 months pregnant cuties saw their bodies change so much during their pregnancies. I remember so well when my wife was like this, with her belly, her bigger boobs, her nymphomania increase. It was so hot to watch her nipples getting bigger and her aureolas getting browner.

Girls are certainly always sexy while they are almost at the end, so let’s watch those big girls performing a lesbian BBW pregnant show just for you. Those girls are real bisexual, so they explore each other’s boobs. They have grown so much and they are know almost ready to give milk. Lactation is also one of my best fetishes too! It’s so sexy to watch.

They are so erotic while discovering their nice bodies. Don’t forget they will show their awesome big brown pussies at the end of the clip. My god, i’d love to nail them both, even if they are need the end. They are so addictive with their big tits.

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BBW Ivana Lace tits debutante

BBW Ivana Lace tits debutante is a real nice surprise for 2019.

BBW Ivana Lace tits debutante is exactly that kind of girl i’d love to see more often in the BBW porn industry. She seems so kind, so empathic, so gentle. With such a smile like this, you want to talk to her and know more about her person.

In the first clip, you will see how she can be shy but really horny. She doesn’t masturbate but she does a nice gameplay with her big natural boobs. She’s really sexy, wearing her glasses and stripping just for us.

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In this second part, she will chat and tell more about. This is at this moment where you will find her very attractive, so seductive even if she’s a bit shy. She’s got a real nice accent that makes you want to know more. As you know, exotism is always a big turn on, especially for me.

Hope you will enjoy!

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bbw debutante ivanna lace


Amber Stevens teen BBW

Amber Stevens teen BBW is a solid busty fat masturbator. You will see very soon that she would do everything for having an orgasm by herself.

Amber Stevens teen BBW is certainly not very old, but she took a lot of time to know her body as much as possible. I mean by this that she certainly masturbated a lot when she was a younger girl over 18. But as playing with herself without any viewers may seem to be a bit annoying, she decided to shoot a nice fat masturbation porn video just for us.

It’s a pleasure to watch her insert this big black thing inside her marvellous body. You can feel she’s really excited to know that guys are stroking themselves while watching her. In fact, i’d love someday to shoot my own masturbation video. I’d love to show people how i’m so excited to rub my dick while watching porn.

Even if only gays would watch my vid, i’d be happy to know i can turn on some people. But it would be really nice to know that some girls would appreciate.

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Amy Villainous anal xxx

Amy Villainous anal xxx is back. I already masturbated at her while she was masturbating too. Now it’s time to talk about real serious sex and porn.

It’s now time for Amy Villainous anal xxx. I stroked myself so much while watching her masturbation scene in bikini. She was awesome with her giant natural juggs, giving herself some pleasure and a good orgasm in front of the camera.

But today, she will need something more serious and she wants to do something she never did before today. Get a big dick inside her nice little asshole. You may want to know if she already had anal sex in a private life, but it seems that it’s not the case at all. She never felt something so big and so sexy enter inside this unknown hole. She will very soon learn that it has everything to give herself some pleasure.

Take some time to watch this video clip, you will see what i mean by real anal pleasure. I’m sure this nice 2019 newcomer in BBW porn industry is not faking at all 😉

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BBW Briana Black xxx fetish

You already knew she was cute, but now she’s a real hardcore girl, so let’s watch this BBW Briana Black XXX fetish movie.

There’s an exciting reason why i love BBW Briana Black XXX fetish so much and it’s not because how she’s a fetichist.

In fact, i’m not a fetichist at all, but Briana is so hot because she has an hairy pussy. Yes. My big blonde fat wife doesn’t have any hair on her legs, her arms an on her big juicy pussy i love to lick so much. For real, she never had the need to use a razor on her nice pale skin.

So, when i have the chance to watch something hairy like this, it’s a big turn on forme as this is so strange and different of what i feel everyday.

So, our nice Briana got a secret to tell to her boyfriend. She announces him that she wants to be dominated. For sure, the guy is a bit surprised but as she’s just so exciting, he cannot resist to such a big fat young beauty like. When you have the chance to have a girl that wants something like this, you just don’t hesitate and you what it takes to satisfy her.

The big bitch really loves when it hurts. This is why he pinches her big naturals tits and put that red ball in her mouth. The pain is a big turn on for me and she knows her friends will be very very hard to see she’s excited like this for real.

You just need to watch this to see what happens next. My god, she’s really awesome.

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bbw briana black fetish xxx. That big young debutante bitch loves to be dominated.


BBW Katrin Porto sex therapist

When guys are not ok with their sexual life, they can visit BBW Katrin Porto sex therapist to find a way to solve their problems.

BBW Katrin Porto sex therapist can see a lot of sexual issues in a day. In this roleplay porn clip, she takes her job very seriously. So, she receives this man in her office. He seriously thinks he’s a pervert or got an horrible paraphilia.

In fact, he loves big boobs, big asses…. he can get really excited when the girls are really big and voluptuous. In fact, he is a fat admirer and a BBW sex fan. But society doesn’t accept it at all. Guys at work think he is weird and stupid to love this kind of girl all this blog readers appreciate so much.

So, as he wants to be accepted and not seen as a sexual deviant, he decided to make a move and visit a professionnal that would be able to help him love those skinny girls with no boobs. All his friends appreciates skulls, so he want to feel the same they feel.

But for sure, it won’t be easy at all. First, he certainly chose the bad type of women to help him. She’s mature, big, busty and really cute. Exactly his sexual deviancy. For sure, he doesn’t know what to ? Maybe he should as soon as possible, but he won’t. After all, maybe she will be the best to make him understand that it’s really bad to love and fuck BBWs.

In fact, Katrin doesn’t want at all to change that guy: she wants him to be in an acceptance mood. She tries to make him realize that he’s not sick, or deviant, or fetichist, that BBWs are totally normal and so hot to fuck.

The therapy works so well that our guy begins to feel desire for this beautiful mature redhead. And, as Katrin is also  a big nympho, she cannot resist to do something really unethical and fuck her patient.

Her boobs are big, perfect awesome. You will appreciate how much sex experience is so important and exciting. I love to know that he girl i fucked got a lot of big dicks inside her, this is something that turns me on a lot.

So, this lucky girl is now ok. He doesn’t feel distress anymore, and his friends had to understand his sexual preferences. For sure, he lost some people around him. But this coming out about BBW and big girls made him very popular with such cuties like this. So normal. After all, a girl wants to be sure a guy will find her attractive.

Hope you will enjoy this nice fat mature girl as much a i did.

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bbw katrin porto sex therapist knows that you must try real life exercices to improve your sexual life. Let’s check what she will be doing to this guy.


BBW Klaudia Kelly sexy blonde

For sure, once again, nice blonde BBW Klaudia Kelly sexy chick will make me cum really hard.

With such a nice girl like this, it should not be too complicated, because BBW Klaudia Kelly sexy fat porn girl really got it. You just have to admire her real nice body. A perfect blonde, with real nice natural tits and such a booty that you will want to feel in your hand. You know how i love red nails, it’s a real fetish for me. So, i dream about her hand touching my dick and make me cum with a nice handjob, while i’m looking at what she’s doing.

My ultimate blonde BBW fantasies

This is exactly the kind of sexual position my girl loves to take when it’s time to seduce me. As you may know, i’m married to such a blonde beauty like this and it’s a real treat to have such a lady in your bed every day. In this way, she can take my dick in her mouth while touching and squeezing my balls just enough to dominate me. I love to know she could hurt me, maybe i am a bit masochist or somewhat.

But my ultimate would be about having the beautiful Klaudia and my wife both at the same time. They would first begin by performing good lesbian sex together to turn me on a lot. As a bisexual, my girl would certainly love to lick and play with this beautiful fat blonde pornstar. This is something we’d both like to try someday: pay a fat porn girl to give us so much pleasure.

Girls would then share my dick and make it really wet. I love precum a lot, it helps me predict how big my cumshot will be. So, you can imagine that my wife makes everything possible to make me produce the most possible quantity of this liquid she loves to put in her mouth!

I would certainly be able to fuck them both. There’s something i’d love to try so much. My god, that would be so awesome to fuck the nice fat pornstar while my girl masturbate and encourage me to cum inside her. “Yes, make her a creampie. Do exactly what you did when you made me pregnant. Yes, come inside this bitch.”. For sure, those sexy words would make cum right inside the porn girl. Then, my wife would put her tongue right inside the other girl’s pussy and would lick everything. She would then share all this sperm with me.

Wouldn’t it be so exciting to do such nasty sexy things?

But let’s get back to BBW Klaudia Kelly sexy blonde!

I could pass hours just watching her masturbate her big pussy with those red-nailed fingers. She must be so hot while doing this. Hope you will love this nice fat hardcore blonde video and that you will cum as much as i did!

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bbw klaudia kelly sex. Klaudia is really hot with her red lipps and her big ass. She’s so exhib at the camera!


BBW Pregnant XXX sex time

My god, those 9-month pregnant BBW Pregnant XXX sex pornstars are just too hot! Not only it makes me remember how it was good to fuck my pregnant wife, but it also makes my cock really hard and wet.

I can’t stop looking at big porn girls BBW Pregnant XXX sex Erin Star and Sophie Rose. Those big awesome cuties show us how it is to be pregnant… and to be hornier as ever. I remember, when my wife was 8 or 9 months old, she was always willing for more and more sex. Even in the last days of her pregnancy, she wanted to have as much orgasms possible.

So, those nice girls are not an exception and they give us such a lesbian XXX BBW pregnant shot that you will certainly remember. The begin first by looking at their marvellous bellies. Both girls know they are sexy and that a lot of guys appreciate pregnant fat women. But it’s not enough for these bisexual chicks. They want and they need to explore each other. They massage their boobs with oil and take some time to feel how it’s good to be touched by another girlfriend.

It’s so good to watch pregnant girl’s boobs like this. Aureolas and nipples are bigger and browner, titties are really more proeminent and the hormones make those girl more sexy and full of desire. It makes me remember so good times with my girl when she was as big as those fabulous girls.

For our pleasure, Sophie and Erin will show us their big pussies. Big, brown, with proeminent clits and ready to birth. I’d love to have the chance to put something right inside them… ok it’s a bit late to do this but as there’s no risk for them to get more pregnant… So i’d be more secure to give each one a good creampie while they are screaming so much how it’s good to fuck.

My god, i love those chicks so much! I can’t stop telling you how they are so hot to look at.

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pregnant BBW Sophie Rose Erin Star know how well sexual pleasure is higher when waiting for a baby. Check at those awesome fat natural boobs to touch and lick until they cum.



Erin is only 22 years old, despite the fact she seems really more experimented than her age. She is Helen Star’s sister and comes from Romania. You cannot forget her 38H natural boobs as soon as you watch them for the first time.

Sophie Rose is british and is bit older at 27 years old (born in 1991).  I tried to find some hardcore porn content about this beautiful brunette but i did not, it seems she’s only in modeling. But she’s a real cutie with such a charism. You can feel desire grow in your groin while looking at this nice chubby pregnant girl.

Virgin Blake Emerald BBW oiled

Our nice brunette plumper virgin Blake Emerald BBW still never got a big dick inside her delicious pussy, but she’s getting hornier. Let’s see it.

Today, our so sexy and addictive virgin Blake Emerald BBW teen oils her entire body, her tits, her belly, her pussy. It’s so hot to watch do this, knowing that she’s really 19 and that she’s still a virgin.

Up to date, we know that she masturbates a lot and already had sex with another girl. Without any penetration or dildos, for sure, because her pussy never got something inside. But she loves sex a lot despite she never had the supreme pleasure… a big dildo or a black dick inside her.

That young cutie – in fact i’m not the biggest fan of the youngest fat teen girls, as i’m getting older and a bit more attracted by well experimented mature BBWs – is so cute. And i would really appreciate to be the first one to help lose her virginity.

A nice virgin BBW Blake Emerald XXX fantasy

This is a real horny XXX experience i’d love to try with her and my girl. As you may know, my big perfect blonde mature milf BBW is also a nice bisexual and appreciates to stroke me while telling me how it’s so good to lick a fresh fat teen pussy.

We’d both love to help this nice young fat virgin to reach the ultimate cock pleasure. As Blake already tried something with a girl, i would let my wife turn her on. She would give her some pleasure, lick her pussy, touch her tits . And, the most important thing, my girl would learn her to give serious fun to another girl. She would teach her to lick a clit and stimulate big naturals boobs like a pro. They would finish by a good scissoring time. Two big girls doing such a thing is so exciting to watch.

My girl would then initiate her to my cock and all the nasty pleasure that come with it. She would begin by helping her stroking me. She would show her all the techniques that can make a guy be really excited with a handjob. This young lady would then be teached how to suck well and hard. For the first time, she would have the chance to taste pre-cum. My god, i’m really excited just by writing something like this.

My girl would then prepare her for the ultimate experience. She would rub and lick her pussy and begin to put some fingers more and more deeply. Blake never felt something inside so it will be strange for her, but i’m sure she will appreciate. Before letting me go inside, she would give her a good lesbian orgasm with her fingers going in and out.

Her pussy, ready for my cock, would be so wet and so tight. I would penetrated and nail her, while my girl is masturbating. But, we can’t let this young beauty without the taste of cum. I would get out at the good time and put everything right on her face…

Are you excited as much as i am now?

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virgin blake emerald oiled. She’s a fat 19 years old teen and she’s never been penetrated by a hard cock. She’s a real virgin but she’s also very horny and so seductive.


Briana Black BBW dildo time

Our nice Briana Black BBW dildo young girl wants to masturbate and to do this, she needs a set of tools to have the most pleasure possible!

And as Briana Black BBW dildo queen is a nice blonde-brunette with a pale skin, it fits very well to use those big black dildos. I love to see a girl masturbate with those big things. Black dicks have always turned me on to and i’d love one day to watch my girl getting nailed by such a giant thing. So exciting.

And she’s beginning to be open-minded to this nasty idea. I say nasty because it really is. I’m not bi, but i’d love to play with such a big black cock too. I always wanted to touch and masturbate such a big thing, while my wife would also give herself some pleasure with. I’m getting really hard while i’m writing this as i’d love to see so much another dick inside my girl. She’s so sexy while she’s screaming, so i’d be so wet and so hard.

I would love so much to masturbate this big cock. I love cum so much and as i eat my own cum, i would love to taste that strange cum too. That must be so hot to make cum such a big cock like this in your mouth. I would understand while my wife loves that so much.

But this fantasy will not be for today and it may never happen at all. So, for the moment….

…as it won’t certainly happen, let’s watch Briana masturbate and have great orgasms. You will love it as much as i did. And you may become to love big black dicks too.

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briana black bbw dildo boobs


Isa Gomez BBW tits once again

Once again, we have the chance to watch the cute Latina Isa Gomez BBW tits girl showing her nice body.

I can’t stop looking at Isa Gomez BBW tits marvellous tanned latina fat natural boobs. She’s so nice to watch and it’s a pleasure to see her in this outfit. I love busty latinas, so i can i’m really happy to watch her once again.  And for sure, it’s always better when the big sexy girl is at the pool.

For sure, she may not be the biggest and it’s a bit hard to say she’s a BBW. I could also say she’s chubby, but it’s still not the good way to qualify her beauty. No, in fact, i would say “curvy”. Curvy, with large natural boobs and such a sexy fuckable face. She’s certainly the kind of girl you want to have around you to give you some pleasure.

You will be surprised to see how her boobs are so giant. When you see her with her clothes, you may think at first that she’s not so busty. But as soon as she puts out those magnificent tits outside of her bra, i’m really sure you will be stunned.

You will start very soon to masturbate while thinking about her nice body, her brown skin, and her exotic look that can be just so exciting. As i never had the chance to sleep with a latina BBW girl, this is something that really turn me on to watch.

Hope you will appreciate her as much as i did. I hope that Isa will soon perform some hardcore movies, and, why not, some BBW lesbian shootings just for us. That would be so great!

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Isa Gomez BBW tits


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BBW Barbara Angel XXX is just like an angel: you will find her pure and so perfect.

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