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This housewife from Texas in now forty (40) years old. She’s a kind of tall woman, with her 5′ 8″ and 230 pounds. She may not be the tallest, but she’s right enough to impress those who would want to make her some trouble. So, all those “no me-too”, rapers, sexual harrassers, please don’t make any trouble to this big sexy girl. She already did some masturbation and hardcore stuff, but i’ve never seen her performing BBW lesbian sex. Will we have, one day, the nice BBW Danica Danali performing lesbian porn ? I’d love to, that would be just so exciting to watch this for real.

She already shooted porn movies as Aryn Evans.


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BBW pornstar Lisa Canon is born in North Carolina (USA) and she’s now 28 years old. With her 215lb and 5’5″, i can say she’s got a perfect nice body. Her hazel eyes will please you and she’s certainly full of charism when looking at you and showing her big naturals boobs at the same time.

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Debutante BBW Veronica Bow knows what she must do while performing porn just for you. Despite she’s a beginner, she really seems to be so experimented.

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BBW Blake Emerald model debutante will certainly be well represented in BBW porn industry for 2019. She’s young, got everything to please real fat admirers and got this kind of naive look…

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BBW Renee Ross is american and now 37 years old. Her 5′ 5″ and her natural 40JJ boobs make her a real sexy milf fat woman. She’s a real natural blonde and loves to fuck and masturbate in front of a camera. She can get really, but really excited when she knows that someone is looking at her big fat tits. This is why she loves to shoot porn so much… and the reason why she’s wearing some clothes that make her big juggs more proeminent. WOW.


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BBW Black Emerald virgin. Try to repeat this sentence in your head a few times just to be sure you understand all the consequences of such a thing.

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Nice Sylvia Bateman fat teen young pornstar seem just so willing to have a big cock inside her… my god she’s really only 18 and seems so experimented and really to fuck as some older milfs or mature BBW girls would do . WOW.

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Despite of what some people may tell, Julia Jones GGG boobs are real and have never modified by any mechanical mean. For sure, they get all the care they need. Those boobs are nurtured, licked, fucked and are still giving wonderful orgasms to guys and maybe girls. But they never passed some time on an surgery table.

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I remember, when i was really but really young, i was impressed by big girls with giant natural boobs. Never I would have told my friends that i had this fetish. I tought they would have really found me too weird to be around me! My siblings were alzo so scandalized by such a sexual taste too. I taught i was the only one on this planet that was attracted by big busty girls and that was kept as a secret.

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Let’s talk about nice plumper Julia!

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I’ve always appreciated pornstar interviews, especially this BBW Julia Jones interview. And my god, i can say she’s so sexy and almost addictive. I’d love to meet her for real, in real life, without any sexual thinkings in my head.

Hope you will love this wonderful mature plumper BBW Julia Jones interview as much as i did. In fact, this girl is absolutely not the kind of woman you would think she is. Sometimes, we have all this kind of stereotype of this old whore that did not make anyting else than fucking, dancing in the stripclubs, doing drugs and dying too young of all those addictions, abuses and disrupted life. 

NO NO NO!!! In the case of Julia you will make a big mistake if you think she’s another stereotype! This girl sees herself as very conservative. She’s got the same husband for the last 20 years, got now adult kids and her life is ranged, well set. Ok i hope she’s not a Donald Trump fan but… despite this eventuality i prefer to look at her delicious fat body. 

She’s also a college girl. She’s got two masters, so she’s got a real scientist mind. But, despite this serious side of her personnality, she’s a very horny mature porn girl that knows all guys will love her big and fat natural tits. And this is something she really shows with a nice sincerity in this BBW mature porn interview just for us today! Have some fun watching this and dream about this nice beauty as much as you can!

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bbw julia jones interview. This fat mature porn readhead will learn more about her sex carreer and her personnality. Hope you will appreciate this.