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BBW Avalon debutante model from Australia!

We’re going to Australia to present you BBW Avalon debutante model. A real nice tattoed redhead who got this kind of look that says: “fuck me now, harder… harder… let me touch your cock and give all your stuff in…”. For sure, i don’t know if she’s the horniest, but there’s a chance she loves to be a bit exhibitionnist by modeling like this.

We don’t see a lot of australian girls in BBW porn industry. It’s a good thing that Avalon shows us her nice aussie body.

She knows she can get a lot of attention with her big tits and her redhead hair, even whe has some clothes on her. In fact, she’s also very sexy walking in the woods, on the street. The kind of girl that makes you turn your head when you meet her.

Avalon, also known as FaeryPrincess on BBW cam websites, loves simple things. She loves swimming, painting, baking, yoga… and also cosplay.  I’d love to see her in all sorts of fetishes that involve costumes or things like that. She must be so cute while doing these nasty things.


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