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She may be a bit weird with her big dick obssession.  But you’ll find very soon this is very logical and necessary. She’s a got a particular way to watch if a male patient is in good health: his ERECTION. Yes, according to her – and to some serious scientists too – if a guy can hold a good erection for a good time, it is a sign he’s relieving from his ill or that he is in good health.

But knowing that point is not enough. She must check herself how her patients can perform and this is the moment it becomes really, but really insteresting to watch. Don’t forget that our nurse is not only a professionnal, she’s also a real big nympho that cannot stop thinking about sex, even when she’s working.

But her job can be risky. She must check carefully if the guys reacts to her beauty and be ready to face a giant erection.

So, how does she keep professional?

In this movie, we have this moment when that poor guy is not really sick. All he wants is to find a BBW nurse, a young fattie that will be able to fulfill all his horny fat sex fantasies. Very soon, he already knows who will be his prey: the nice and big Dallas Dixon. For sure, he doesn’t know that the big cutie is as nympho as he can be himself. He still doesn’t know that she’s ready to give him more than he could ever think.

For sure, she must check if he’s ok. But very soon, she’s aware of this big and giant cock. My god, if she can seduce him, she knows she will have some fun in the following minutes. After being sure that nobody can catch them – you can figure out that her boss would never be agree with her professionnal ways of checking male patients’ health – she begins to show him her big fat natural tits.

Those boobs are certainly among the best i’ve ever seen on the net. I can’t last looking at those wonderful boobies while she touches them a try to seduce this “poor sick guy” while touching them and putting them right in his face.

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