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BBW 9 montths pregnant Erin Star and Sophie are ALMOST ready to give birth!

Those nice BBW 9 months pregnant cuties saw their bodies change so much during their pregnancies. I remember so well when my wife was like this, with her belly, her bigger boobs, her nymphomania increase. It was so hot to watch her nipples getting bigger and her aureolas getting browner.

Girls are certainly always sexy while they are almost at the end, so let’s watch those big girls performing a lesbian BBW pregnant show just for you. Those girls are real bisexual, so they explore each other’s boobs. They have grown so much and they are know almost ready to give milk. Lactation is also one of my best fetishes too! It’s so sexy to watch.

They are so erotic while discovering their nice bodies. Don’t forget they will show their awesome big brown pussies at the end of the clip. My god, i’d love to nail them both, even if they are need the end. They are so addictive with their big tits.

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bbw 9 months pregnant erin star sophie rose
bbw 9 months pregnant erin star sophie rose


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My god, those 9-month pregnant BBW Pregnant XXX sex pornstars are just too hot! Not only it makes me remember how it was good to fuck my pregnant wife, but it also makes my cock really hard and wet.

I can’t stop looking at big porn girls BBW Pregnant XXX sex Erin Star and Sophie Rose. Those big awesome cuties show us how it is to be pregnant… and to be hornier as ever. I remember, when my wife was 8 or 9 months old, she was always willing for more and more sex. Even in the last days of her pregnancy, she wanted to have as much orgasms possible.

So, those nice girls are not an exception and they give us such a lesbian XXX BBW pregnant shot that you will certainly remember. The begin first by looking at their marvellous bellies. Both girls know they are sexy and that a lot of guys appreciate pregnant fat women. But it’s not enough for these bisexual chicks. They want and they need to explore each other. They massage their boobs with oil and take some time to feel how it’s good to be touched by another girlfriend.

It’s so good to watch pregnant girl’s boobs like this. Aureolas and nipples are bigger and browner, titties are really more proeminent and the hormones make those girl more sexy and full of desire. It makes me remember so good times with my girl when she was as big as those fabulous girls.

For our pleasure, Sophie and Erin will show us their big pussies. Big, brown, with proeminent clits and ready to birth. I’d love to have the chance to put something right inside them… ok it’s a bit late to do this but as there’s no risk for them to get more pregnant… So i’d be more secure to give each one a good creampie while they are screaming so much how it’s good to fuck.

My god, i love those chicks so much! I can’t stop telling you how they are so hot to look at.

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pregnant BBW Sophie Rose Erin Star
pregnant BBW Sophie Rose Erin Star know how well sexual pleasure is higher when waiting for a baby. Check at those awesome fat natural boobs to touch and lick until they cum.



Erin is only 22 years old, despite the fact she seems really more experimented than her age. She is Helen Star’s sister and comes from Romania. You cannot forget her 38H natural boobs as soon as you watch them for the first time.

Sophie Rose is british and is bit older at 27 years old (born in 1991).  I tried to find some hardcore porn content about this beautiful brunette but i did not, it seems she’s only in modeling. But she’s a real cutie with such a charism. You can feel desire grow in your groin while looking at this nice chubby pregnant girl.

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BBW Erin Star blonde seems just so horny and cute. I’d love to have this lipstick on my dick somedays. She’s hot when talking, her accent is so hot to hear.

Such a cute girl like BBW Erin Star blonde must know how to do a great job on a dick. Her lipps are just so sexy. The only thing you want when you have the chance to be sucked by her is to have a ring of this lipstick on your cock. You then know that she did a real awesome job on you.

Then, you will want to feel your cum blow in her mouth and you dream about her telling you how it’s so hot to swallow sperm.

That must be also such a treat to feel such a pussy like this around your dick. Juicy, wet, with a girl that tells you how it’s so good to be penetrated like this. For sure, don’t forget to play with her clit as it can give her awesome and wonderful orgasms.

She’s young, but seems so experimented that you will certainly so satisfied to have the chance to watch her porn mobies.

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Wonderful Blonde BBW Erin Star got real awesome boobs and it’s really exciting to watch them squeezed on the bathtub.

Blonde BBW Erin Star are big and for sure it could be a problem if the bathtub is too small. No, seriously, it won’t be a problem, but those natural juggs are so big that you will certainly notice them. I mean, you will see her giant a long time before noticing the color of the walls and how many towels are hanged.

For sure, those big tits deserve attention, as they always get the first look when you see this beautiful blonde for the first time. She’s just perfect with her blonde pale skin, showing her nice body in the bathroom. In fact, this is the not the place i prefer for fucking. But as Erin is really cute, i would certainly be ready to make an exception. I want to have this awesome girl satisfied in this area as she’s cute!

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So, i’ve been impressed by the way we can see so well her pussy while she sat on the corner of the bathtub. My god, this hole is perfect, a nice clit, exciting lips. It’s a real pleasure to watch her masturbate and hear her moan with a nice exotic accent. I’d love to hear such a sound in my ears, while she would let me stroking myself in front of her.

I hope she’s excited to watch a guy masturbate in front of her, because it’s a big turn on. This is something my wife loves. Sometimes, she asks me to stroke myself while she tells me all she did with her lesbian BBW girlfriend a few days ago. It’s just so hot and i can give her a lot of cum in these occasions.

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BBW Erin Star busty young blonde got real big ones to love. And my god, that girl is so seductive. I could melt just by looking at her. I’d be so shy if such a sexy girl like was trying to talk to me.

And BBW Erin Star busty girl got a so horny face too. This romanian born has something so nasty and nympho in her face. She’s a good teaser and i’d love to see if she’s a good fucker too. She’s exactly the kind of young fat busty girl that make me everything for her. I would obey her anytime without asking any question. I could even put myself in trouble for such a cute lady like this. And for real, this is something that ever happened to me – but no with Erin, for sure.  That girl was awesome, she was trying to become a pornstar. Unfortunately, she was involved in some criminal schemes. I had to reason myself to stop the relationship. I wasn’t really happy to put myself in trouble, but she was so cute…!

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My god she’s really hot and seductive with her big boobs!