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I can’t stop talking Julia Jones mature BBW boobs. She’s well experimented and so seductive.

Julia Jones mature BBW has never always been a mature BBW model. She was working in a bank, in a good job as she has two Masters. But, in Romania, wages are so low and work hours are so long. So, when you have attributes as she has, you don’t hesitate, in that case, to show them to the entire world. Especially if this can be really exciting to do.

This is how the wonderful Julia began her BBW webcam carreer. With such big natural boobs and a perfect body, that would have a been almost a crime not to share this. I can get very excited just by looking her smiling. Seriously, she’s very cute despite her age.

You won’t resist a long time while watching her moving her giant boobs in this red shirt, while looking at you with her big eyes. I’m pretty sure you will be wet very fast. You will then be impressed by the size of those big natural juggs. I’m also stunned by those aureolas. My god i’d love to feel her nipples in my mouth and suck until she gets excited.

But today i’m really happy! We can see her big pussy for the first time. She decided to masturbate just for us and give herself a nice orgasm. A real pink pussy, with a nice clit. There must have been so much cum inside this wonderful woman… This idea is a real big turn on for me. I’d love to put my sperm inside her then lick all the creampie. That would be so hot. If i try this on my wife she can have an orgasm, so i hope Julia would be excited.

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Julia Jones mature BBW
Julia Jones mature BBW

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fat mature Julia Jones

For sure, fat mature Julia Jones some of the best old woman tits i’ve ever seen in my life. Seriously, look at those giant natural juggs. They don’t need a big bra to hold themselves, they are still big and juicy as they were when she was a younger busty girl.

For sure, those fat mature Julia Jones boobs must have received some big cum loads during their life.. Just so exciting to dream about such an opportunity. I’m pretty sure this big fat mature cutie is a sperm lover. Maybe i’m wrong, but i love to think that she’s a cum lover who wants her shot everyday. 

As she’s getting old, she must have tasted so many dicks…. my god i’d love to be one of those that could cum between her big fat tits while she’s begging me for putting my stuff right into them. So awesome to think about such an exciting opportunity like this.

Her pussy must be so comfortable too. I love to feel that the pussy i’m in got a lot of experience. I don’t know why, but well experimented girls and women are always the horniest, always ready to fuck and get well nailed until they cum several times.

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fat mature julia jones nipples pinching. My god, it’s so horny. I’d love such big nipples in my mouth while touching those giant BBW juggs. I’d keep them just for me. My dick would be so hard while having those giant BBW natural boobs in front of me. 



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Despite of what some people may tell, Julia Jones GGG boobs are real and have never modified by any mechanical mean. For sure, they get all the care they need. Those boobs are nurtured, licked, fucked and are still giving wonderful orgasms to guys and maybe girls. But they never passed some time on an surgery table.

This old Julia Jones GGG boobs mature girl is so loveable, full of charism and i would fuck her anytime for sure !

I remember, when i was really but really young, i was impressed by big girls with giant natural boobs. Never I would have told my friends that i had this fetish. I tought they would have really found me too weird to be around me! My siblings were alzo so scandalized by such a sexual taste too. I taught i was the only one on this planet that was attracted by big busty girls and that was kept as a secret.

More the girl was big, more i was excited by her. But during those days i was just too shy to try anything. I did not just understand why all my friends were attracted by those skinny no boobs no brain blondies. Worse, they fought to get a bit of their attention – something that they would never get- those girls were just above the ordinary guy. I’m pretty sure it makes you recall some memories… It all happened to us… 

Let’s talk about nice plumper Julia!

Ok let’s get back to our natural fat mature old busty Julia. My god, she’s just perfect and this is the kind of woman i’d love to have around me, for sure. Wait a minute, my wife looks like a lot to this beauty.. so i’m really lucky today… I think she wants sex right now…. Have a nice evening everyone.

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Julia Jones GGG boobs
Julia Jones GGG boobs



BBW Julia Jones interview

I’ve always appreciated pornstar interviews, especially this BBW Julia Jones interview. And my god, i can say she’s so sexy and almost addictive. I’d love to meet her for real, in real life, without any sexual thinkings in my head.

Hope you will love this wonderful mature plumper BBW Julia Jones interview as much as i did. In fact, this girl is absolutely not the kind of woman you would think she is. Sometimes, we have all this kind of stereotype of this old whore that did not make anyting else than fucking, dancing in the stripclubs, doing drugs and dying too young of all those addictions, abuses and disrupted life. 

NO NO NO!!! In the case of Julia you will make a big mistake if you think she’s another stereotype! This girl sees herself as very conservative. She’s got the same husband for the last 20 years, got now adult kids and her life is ranged, well set. Ok i hope she’s not a Donald Trump fan but… despite this eventuality i prefer to look at her delicious fat body. 

She’s also a college girl. She’s got two masters, so she’s got a real scientist mind. But, despite this serious side of her personnality, she’s a very horny mature porn girl that knows all guys will love her big and fat natural tits. And this is something she really shows with a nice sincerity in this BBW mature porn interview just for us today! Have some fun watching this and dream about this nice beauty as much as you can!

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bbw julia jones interview
bbw julia jones interview. This fat mature porn readhead will learn more about her sex carreer and her personnality. Hope you will appreciate this.



Mature Julia Jones Juggs

BBW Mature Julia Jones Juggs are certainly among the best i’ve seen in 2018 and showing them to you is a real good way to finish this so exciting year.

Did you know this cute busty old BBW mature Julia Jones juggs girl was a loan specialist at her local bank before switching to porn ? Imagine those customers meeting her, watching her big tits, their pants getting wet.  And right while waiting the answer from the computer.

Banks are not always the best when it’s time to provide good customer service. I think this is something you already know. They are good to charge enormous monthlee fees and make us full of debt on goods we don’t really need.  With such a fat mature experienced beauty like this, you will really appreciate your visit at your local bank branch. If it’s the one where Julia is working at this moment, for sure.

As banks only give loans to those who don’t need… the answer was certainly no for a lot of people but they had the chance to be served by one of the best future BBW pornstars to come. WOW.

Look at those giant natural boobies. So big and so streched that she can do like we can see on this picture. She stuns me so much! Her aureolas are also so giant and big. I’d love that she would put one of those giant bombs inside my mouth, looking at me deeply with her sexy eyes and telling me: ok guy, stroke your cock as much as you can,… you love my big tits, show me you love them, give me your cum….. 

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Julia Jones BBW juggs
Julia Jones BBW juggs are just so big and natural. And they are still hard despite this woman is beginning to be older.

Julia Jones fat mature porn


Mature BBW Julia Jones boobs

Mature BBW Julia Jones tits are so enormous. In fact, those are the kind of boobs that you would love to nurture, take care of and be sure that nothing bad may happen to them. The only thing you want is that her boobs will always be a real source of pleasure for her.

If you were some kind of guy full of magic powers, you would try, with your magic wand, to prevent Mature BBW Julia Jones boobs to have those real bad and sad breast cancers or diseases like that. Or to be sure that her shoulders or her back would never be hurted by such big loud things like this.

Now let’s forget a real long moment about those sad diseases. BBW Milfs and BBW mature are certainly the horniest girls on earth and Julia is not an exception. Seriously, look at this big horny face… doesn’t she seem to be ready to fuck, masturbate, get naked and have deep and huge orgasms.

In the following clip you will have the chance to see her masturbate. In real life that must be so cute to watch.

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mature BBW Julia Jones boobs
mature BBW Julia Jones boobs
Mature BBW Julia Jones big fat juggs are huge, but entirely natural and ready to play with.


Julia got a real 38GGG natural and sexy rack. Born a July 31, her weight is 216 lbs. With a nice 5’3″, it makes her a real nice BBW mature girl. Her aureolas are big, with a perfect tanned color. I’d love also to lick on her precious nipples. For sure, they don’t give milk anymore but they are certainly so sensitive. Certainly sensitive enough to make cum any guy that would try to rub his dick right between those awesome giant juggs…


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Milf BBW Julia Jones giant juggs are just so gorgeous ! Her tits are real, natural, ready to be satisfied. You won’t stop looking into her deep and marvellous eyes. While dreaming about her big natural boobs, for sure.

Milf BBW Julia Jones was the one who had the biggest ones at school. And i’m not talking about the biggest bank account or the biggest amount of clothes. No. I’m talking about her big tits. When she was younger, so much guys were looking at those marvellous natural boobs and wanted to be with her just to have the chance to try those marvellous juggs for real.

But she never did porn or BBW modelling before this year. She’s in the banks industry, she’s got a master in finance. Right after her divorce, she decided to show the world how she was cute, sexy and so desirable despite her age.

And i’m sure young ones would appreciate such a lady like this. But seriously, how can she do to place her delicious and so exciting tits like this ? They must be so big and giant to do such a thing. But in fact, it’s really a big turn on for me.

I think i will have to go to masturbate right now, I think the nice Julia got me just too excited right now. And i can tell you i love old mature women like her. They are always the horniest and the sexiest, i guess.

For sure, that must be such a treat to put your right right between those giant natural titties.

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How can this big cutie do such a thing with those natural big titties. It’s really but really exciting to watch .



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Fat mature BBW Milf Julia Jones loves her big tits and this is why she needs high quality bras for such giant natural things.

BBW Milf Julia Jones boobs are giant, big, enormous, awesome. But they are natural and so much guys must desire those magnificent boobs. And, for sure, the marvellous girl that hold those juggs everyday. They are exciting, but they must be sometimes really loud and big to carry everywhere she goes.

As a matter of fact, she needs high quality bras to hold and make her comfortable everyday of her BBW porn girl life!

But those moments happens when this magnificent mature BBW model wants to turn on herself, masturbate or simply wants you to explode between your legs. She knows she can be very desirable.

So, at these moment, she must remove her bras and these ones must be easy to pull out. She sometimes wants very quickly to show you her big juggs, so those bras must be easily removable.

And you will really appreciate those nasty things she can do with her boobs. It’s a pleasure to watch her make them bounce, lick them, squeeze them and gently bite her sexy big natural nipples. I’ve always loved big boobs, so i’m very satisfied when i have the chance to watch a nasty BBW model sexy clip like this.

As i always tell when talking about her, i must immediatly go stroking myself until i get a big load of cum. I love my cum so much, especially the one i get after watching such big natural like this!

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Yes, those Julia Jones BBW juggs are real and natural . Sometimes, it may be hard to find a new bra to fit those giant things, but she can.