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You know how I love this blonde girl, so Kiki Rainbow BBW threesome is a moment i will certainly not forget.

This Kiki Rainbow BBW threesome comes a bit as a surprise. In fact, i was secretly expecting a BBW lesbian Kiki Rainbow porn scene. I will not be for today, unfortunately. I would love so much to see her licking another pussy and get an orgasm given by another fat blonde woman that wants to fuck her. But, as i already said, this delighting scene will not be for today. Is she bisexual ? My god, I’d love to know.

But today, Kiki must go at her lawyer’s. She needs to get an important document but the guy hesitates. This is a lot of job and for sure, today he won’t be ok to deliver. Kiki is not a girl that can accept a NO. She will use everything she can to get what she really wants.

For sure, her big juicy natural boobs will do the job. The lawyer can just resist. But very soon, Kiki will have a big surprise. A second guy is coming in the office. That wasn’t a part of the deal, she’s a bit shocked, but very soon accepts to satisfy those two big dicks. She’s already very turned on, she needs that document and she’s in a big sex craving.

So everything is perfect. Those two big loads of cum are what she really wanted to have. Did she really want that stupid paper or was it a way to have sex. We will not have the real answer, for sure.

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kiki rainbow BBW threesome english fat blonde. Her first threesome porn as a fat pornstar. A good moment to give some cum.



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Seriously, i’m really impressed to this idea, BBW Kiki Rainbow fetish porn. It involves a lot of sexy things. She’s got a great smile, a nasty face that any guy would love to fuck hard.

But seriously, i though that BBW Kiki Rainbow fetish sexy girl was a bit conservative about sex and porn. I certainly got caught by this prejudice that says that English girls are really, but really not big nymphos.

This is how i can say i made a terrible mistake. Kiki Rainbow is a real horny girl that loves to masturbate, give herself some nice pleasure and fuck until she cums hard in front of a camera. That’s why i love her so much.

Today, this wonderful perfect blonde will show us all her fetichist stuff while we can see everything of her fatty blonde body. This is how you will learn that the big cutie loves to be handcuffed, whipped, spanked and even blindfolded. A real horny fat blonde as i love them. 

Did you know she already let six guys with big dicks fuck her in nature? She was just so excited to be taken like this that she got real awesome true orgasms. More, she took some time to receive a big load of cum inside her wet pussy from each one of them. She did more: she put her fingers inside her twat full of sperm and swallowed all the stuff. My god, she’s even hornier that my wife and that turns me on so much.

I hope you will enjoy this video as much as i did. You will remember Kiki for a long time after watching this nice clip.

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bbw kiki rainbow fetish porn whip

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My god, high quality pics of Pornstar BBW Kiki Rainbow, the one I prefer in all those perfect fat girls i love so much. Seriously, look at her, she’s PERFECT to me.

I can’t stop looking at her eyes, her lips, her tits, her hair, everything of Pornstar BBW Kiki Rainbow please me so much. She’s just such a charism, a real horny fat blonde girl i’d love to meet in person one day.

When i was at college there was such a girl that was looking like her so much. I remember dreaming so much about her and how i could be near her. When you’re younger, seduction techniques that work are not something you can pretend to know very well.. so i tried everything i was able to but unfortunately i had no success at all… despite the fact i love big blondes and i suppose girls can feel i’m attracted.. or maybe this is the problem, they fell too much i love them. 

Or not. I understood later what wasn’t going well in that situation. That poor girl tough herself that she was ugly, not seductive, not cute at all, too big to even attract a guy. But remember, she was as cute that Kiki Rainbow can really be. So, lack of self-confidence made her push out any kind of seduction trial from any guy. She tough she did not deserve to have a man in her life, but she was the cutest one and i was dreaming so much about sleeping with her. That was another part of my life with BBW blonde girls that i love so much. If i could have 10-15 of them around me, i would be so satisfied. But it’s impossible and not legal. So let’s keep dreaming and masturbate about this opportunity.

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Blonde porn girl Kiki Rainbow BBW tits are just perfect in my taste. Big, with a perfect aurolea an a nipple that i just want to put in my mouth like this lucky guy on the pic.

For sure, blonde porn girl Kiki Rainbow bbw tits are hot, but the nice Kiki is a really cute blonde woman that must be so pleasant to talk or chat with. A nice charism, full red lips and a smile that can be just so sexy. In this hardcore scene you will see how she can be horny and willing to perform nasty things in front of a camera.

She will certainly one of those who we’ll see a lot in 2019 and i think it’s just easy to understand why. She’s really cute and she doesn’t seem to be afraid to try really exciting porn stuff in front of a camera.

But seriously, do you know what is really my big turn on on this girl? Look between her legs. Her skin is darker than the rest of her nice pale body. I just don’t know why but this is something i find very erotic, like if it was a “different zone from the rest”. For sure, i’d love to explore such a forbidden zone…. Yes forbidden for me. First, i’m not a porn actor and second i’d love to keep my perfect blonde mif fat girl around me and i would never want to file for divorce.

So let’s keep dreaming about this beautiful Kiki Rainbow blonde english newcomer porn girl. So do as i am doing: masturbate and watch her giving all the sex energy she’s got in herself. You will certainly be happy.

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English BBW Kiki Rainbow love when it hurts. She seems just so horny with her sexy smile and her big tits. She’s a kind of hardcore fetish tits pinching fan and it makes her cum so hard!

English BBW Kiki Rainbow is one of the nicest BBW debutantes i’ve seen in 2018. Sexy, cute, always smiling. This is certainly the kind of girl i’d love to meet for real.

I remember when I was in college, a lot of years ago! There was such a big blondie girl, with almost the same face than the beautiful Kiki. She had – and she must still have – so giant natural boobs.  One day, i had the chance to have a sexual encounter with that beautiful blonde busty fat teen. As she was rubbing my dick and doing all the nasty things she could, i stayed upset about her big boobs. 

I just wanted to touch them and lick them but she did not want to. She just wanted to turn me on as such as she could before allowing me to touch those awesome BBW boobies. At this moment, she began to do exactly as kiki does on those pics. She took some pinches like and began to hurt herself very deeply. 

I just didn’t no what to do, but she told me to stroke myself as much and as fast as i could. I obeyed. I could hear her almost orgasming by giving herself some pain and yelling that it was hurting so good.  In fact, that was just so exciting that i had to cum on her delicious juggs!

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BBW blonde Kiki Rainbow pinching her big natural tits… She loves so much when it hurts her big natural juggs




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Blonde Kiki Rainbow BBW milf porn girl is certainly one of those that will have a brilliant carreer in BBW porn industry.

A real blonde fat next door girl that seems so hot.

You cannot forget how she’s sexy as soon as you watch her with her nice body. We already saw her pinching her big boobs and doing fetish sex, but now she will show how she can be just so horny with this big dildo between her fat natural tits.

You can feel that she loves sex for real and would do anything to have some pleasure in front of a camera, just for you. She’s really cute, take some time to admire this chubby blonde porn girl.

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Nice BBW Kiki Rainbow blonde porn girl loves when her dicks are thick, big and juicy. With such big tits and a great face like this, i’m pretty sure it’s not too hard for her to find a guy that fits with her desires !

It’s a fact that BBW Kiki Rainbow blonde sexy fat girl rocks. First, i really love her voice. It’s deep, so sensual, i’d love to hear whisper nasty things in my ears while she touches and stimulates me.  Her pink outfit is also hot, but i’m very happy to watch her big natural tits. I love them so much! Her nipples and aureolas are so pink. The contrast with her pale skin is absolutely marvellous and so exciting.

As i’m writing this, my cock is beginning to be hard and wet. I just don’t know if I will be able to resist long enough to finish this post.

You will learn very soon that this beautiful and talented fat english blonde pornstar loves big dick. This big dildo she shows you will be used to give herself nasty pleasure and wonderful orgasms. Just to make us come together while looking at her beautiful beauty. This is exactly what she wants for real.

It’s hard to resist her while she plunges all the dildo inside her pussy. When i say all this big thing, i say “all”. This hole is just really deep. I’d love to put my tongue right inside it until i cum a big load to share with her.

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Pornstar blonde BBW Kiki Rainbow is just so hot with her big boobs and her nasty face. You will want to fuck her,you too.



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BBW Kiki Rainbow english blonde will be in your dreams tonight! 

My god, what a big cutie !!!! BBW Kiki Rainbow is a big turn on just by looking in her eyes. Now, have a look on her tits… the chains…. OMG a BBW Dominatrix English Porn girl just for us today!

I won’t tell more, enjoy as much as i did!

I hope we will see her a lot in 2018. Despite i’m in forty’s i want more of this nice babe.

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