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BBW Maggie loves a tongue on her pussy. Her clitoris is just so sensitive and she loves to feel her pussy getting so wet and full of juice. That will certainly make her cum very fast.

It’s great to see how BBW Maggie is just so excited with a guy’s head well installed between her fat legs. You can feel how she loves to be licked on her big pussy. So wet, so deep, every tongue move is giving herself some nice pleasure. You will see how it’s so exciting to watch her while she reaches a good orgasm.

I love to suck on clits, especially on big fat girls that know better than other skinny skulls how to have real good sex.

I already had the badluck, when i was younger, to try a skinny girl in her forties (it was before i met my wife so i was really young on those days), but i had the chance to save her life.


In fact, she was really, but really cute despite she did not have big tits. She had such a charism and this is why i slept with her. She was also smoking, and as I am a real smoking fetish fan i was really excited. It was so exciting to watch her inhale and exhale with her tits naked.

So, you will tell me i had all the reasons to satisfy myself. Not really. Despite all those qualities, she had something that was really hard to accept. Her pussy got a real strange smell. A smell that i had never seen before. It was not a infection and certainly not a sexual disease. No, it smelled like raw ground beef.

As i was stretching her lipps to put my tongue inside her, i felt something strange… there was a paper inside her. It was a part of a Tampax that did not get out correctly (she was still menstruated the day before i licked her).

A few hours later she began to have fever. I immediatly thought about a septic disease because of the piece i found…. At the emergency the doctor told us she was really lucky: she was beginning to be in danger with this thing inside her…

Special, isn’t it ?

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