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The moment i saw BBW Rose Blush exhib video for the first time, i was really excited. For sure, i had so many reasons to be in this state of mind. For sure, take some time to look at her, she’s very, but very cute. She’s got also awesome big natural tits and this kind of horny young face that just says: yes, fuck me now, i’m a real nympho and i want you to know that right now. 

No, there’s another reason and this one may seem a little bit weird for non-advised BBW porn readers.

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I had an opportunity such a fat brunette beauty like this when i was maybe 22 or 23 years old. She was cute as Rose Blush can be, but also as extreme as she can be to. That girl, like Rose, was a real exhib. We had to do sex in parks, car, trains and it was such a thrill everytime this happened. She was just so exciting by the fact that she would be caught. But one day it happened and i wasn’t there. A big black cocked guy has saw her masturbating in a park and he was still unable to resist. My girl was unable to resist. She had always wanted to be taken by “force” in a park or in such a place so… she began to have sex with this 12 inches black cock. 

Back in home, she smells sweat, having a kind of angel smile on her face. She told me i’ve got something to tell you. I slept with a big black cock guy at the park and he came right inside me. Come in the bed, i’ve kept everything inside just to prove you i really did it. I think it was some of the weirdest and exciting moments in my sexual life. I’ve never seen such a girl with no limits at all!

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And what about Rose?

For sure, i don’t say that pornstar BBW Rose Blush can do such nasty things, but according to her bio on XLGirls, she loves to try sexual stuff like exhib, masochism and she’s also a financial dominatrix and loves to be girl that cuckold another one. 

She’s also this kind of girl that appreciates to wear some lingerie and try to find new people to sleep with. And for sure, it works because she’s a real expert in finding sex when she’s in a urgent need.

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Nothing better than a BBW girl like Rose Blush fat model australian porn girl to end this marvellous year 2018.

The way BBW Rose Blush fat model looks at the camera is really horny and at this moment, you will want to see more about this beautiful girl. She seems so nympho, willing to masturbate anytime she can. A real sexy treat just for you!

And a real sexy treat for me too. You may know how i can be attracted by Rose Blush and there are just so many reasons to that. First, she’s australian. I’ve always wanted to visit this country, right on the other side of the earth   (NO, i don’t believe that earth is plate as a dick. There’s another side on that ball and we can find Australia right there)

But she’s got also such a charism…. With such a face in front of me, i would certainly be very horny. Hornier than i’ve never been before. Seriously, look at this nice face… she seems to be as gentle that she can be directive or nympho. If you add to this that she’s got so big natural boobs and a perfect wet pussy… we have here the best combination to help me get really hard and all wet while writing this.

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Despite that she seems so experimented, BBW Rose Blush is very young. She’s only, in fact, 22 years old. Born in australia, this 5′ 7″ and 207lb big cutie is young enough to have a real long porn carreer. For our pleasure, for sure! Her natural 36LL big juggs will certainly help you cum while you will be masturbating.


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As she’s never been! Rose Blush BBW porn girl looks so nympho in this video clip. She’s in need of sex and wearing a nice purple outfit. But her big boobs want to get out this trap…. You will see such a masturbation BBW porn scene that will certainly make you cum.

I’m pretty sure you will love Rose Blush BBW horny and awesome giant natural boobs. I really love when a girl hold piercing like this on her marvellous tits. It may see a bit strange, but i love to feel this metallic texture in my mouth, while i’m licking everything i can on such big nipples like this. Someone already told me – but i really don’t know if it’s true – that piercing on tits and even on clit can increase sensations. Girls would feel better those stimulations that their tits or their big fat pussies can receive. If someone could help me understand this… hope i’ve not been trapped by a kind of hoax or fake news. But, i love to think this could be true. In this case, she must really get so excited when someone play with her wonderful big natural boobs.

And yes, i’d love to lick those awesome tits while looking in her so sexy eyes. She seems just so horny when looking at her so imagine when she’s beginning to be excited.

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Ok, if she tries to eat some vegemite the next morning…. i think i’d be happy with my peanut butter and jelly. But it would not make me not love her anymore!

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You cannot forget BBW Rose Blush 36N giant tits when you see them.

This is an image that will stay in yout head for a long time. She seems just so kind and willing to have friendships. Certainly the kind of girl you will notice in a crowd. This is the one who everybody wants to know more about her.

Except for those guys who are always looking for skinny thin girls with bones that appear above the skin… but they just don’t know what they miss when they don’t sleep with a nice BBW like this. Shame.

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