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BBW Sofia Rose boobs are still impressive. The lady is now 43 years old and she’s never been so beautiful. And i’m really serious when i’m telling this.

I would have so much words to say about BBW Sofia Rose boobs. Natural, big, juicy, impressive, loud, with big nipples. But i also appreciate a lot the pornstar, the human behind those marvellous juggs. She’s one of the most respected BBW pornstars in the BBW industry and this is something we must notice. Sofia will not accept any contract or shooting that is unfair, sexist or simply immoral. I think it’s a good thing, it can help improve work conditions for porn workers and for sure, give us (the horny masturbating viewers) higher quality content.

In fact i think this old school porn with low quality clips and crap we can find on those big sites you must already know is almost over. Twenties of this 21st century could be made of virtual reality, but people will also ask for more and more quality from their clip. 4K won’t certainly be enough in ten years… and for sure that’s almost the case now!

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She’s got such a charism when looking at the cam. You almost get instantly ready to screw her or to put your dick right inside her sexy mouth. Such an experimented girl like must suck so well. A real treat.

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BBW Sofia Rose tits are big and the real fat mature pornstar really knows how to please a guy. With such an experience and a nice sex appeal like this, for sure that it helps.

But BBW Sofia Rose tits can be such a big turn on. Sofia also knows that if a guy loves big fat natural tits like the ones she’s got, she can be sure he will be hypnotized by her nice body.

Sofia Rose is born on July 24, 1975 and is now 43 years old. You can see that she really seems a lot younger than that. In fact, this is right after her pregnancy that her body began to become the one we love so much ! Before, she was 100 pounds and 36DD, to finish with a nice 252 pounds and a real natural no-surgical 38 JJ cup!

She really appreciates to be such a BBW pornstar. But she’s not always been. She was a corporate worker in higher administration for a fortune 500 company. In 2005, she decided to involve in porn. As she was a big juicy girl, she went into BBW porn market, with all the success we know today.

She describes herself as a California girl, despite she’s living in new england. She loves men so much. They find her attractive and she’s a real queen at giving some sexual pleasure. We can also enjoy her in nice BBW Lesbian sex and this is so hot. But remember that she chooses carefully what she will do in porn and got full of respect about herself. So, if you see Sofia somewhere, it’s a proof that this is an ethic, honest and high quality production.

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